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If you are running multiple programs, the program dashboard is the first page that appears after you log in to Crowdcontrol.

The program dashboard allow you to see a high level what programs have submission activity. To access a specific program, click on the program you want to go into.


After you select a program, the program page is displayed, which helps you keep track of submissions that you are assigned, following, or engaged in the program. The dashboard comprises of three main areas: the submissions’ status, recent activity stream, and assigned submissions stream.


Viewing Processing, To Review, To Fix, and Fixed Submissions

The dashboard displays a snapshot of the submissions in the bounty program. At a high-level, you can quickly monitor the workflow stages of all submissions based on the next actionable step that needs to take place. For example, a submission in the Processing stage is NEW submissions that are waiting to be triaged and validated by a Bugcrowd application security engineer.

Stage Status Details
Processing New These are new, incoming submissions that are waiting to be triaged and validated by a Bugcrowd application security engineer.
To Review Triaged These submission have been triaged and validated by a Bugcrowd application security engineer and are awaiting review and validation by the customer’s security team.
To Fix Unresolved These submission have been accepted by the customer as a vulnerability that needs to be fixed. At this time the customers development team has been tasked to fix the issue but it is yet to be patched.
Fixed Resolved These submissions have been fixed by the customer and marked as a resolved submission in Crowdcontrol.

To view the submission status inbox for a particular status, click on one of the following stages below.

program status

Viewing the Recent Activity Stream

The Recent Activity stream lets you stay up to date on the most recent activity in the program, such as comments that have been added to a submission, submission statuses that have been changed, and rewards that have been given out.

To help you identify researchers in the activity feed, rewards, and submission comments, Bugcrowd will automatically generate and assign researchers who have not uploaded a profile photo a unique avatar. This allows you to quickly track and differentiate between certain users.

recent activity

Viewing Assigned Submissions

The assigned submissions section lets you quickly view and navigate to the submissions that you are currently assigned.

assigned submissions

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