Authorizing Crowdcontrol to Access Jira

To manage issues within Jira, Crowdcontrol must have access to your instance. Bugcrowd provides OAuth solutions to enable this access, for both Jira Cloud and Server products.

You must have administrator access in Jira for authorizing Crowdcontrol to access your Jira account.

To authorize Crowdcontrol to access your Jira account, specify the following information on the Authorization page:

  • Display name: Name for the integration.
  • Site: URL for your Jira domain.


You can authorize Crowdcontrol to access Jira using Jira Cloud OAuth, Jira Server OAuth, or Username and password.

Clients must allow list the following IPs. The IPs are a cluster of proxies that provide high availability for outgoing integration requests.IPs:



  • 443

The default port used for Jira is 443 SSL/TLS but it may vary depending on your Jira configuration. If you have any issues, please submit a support ticket through the Bugcrowd Support Portal.

Authorizing Jira Cloud

  1. If your Jira instance is hosted at *, then select the Jira Cloud OAuth option.


  2. Click Authorize.


  3. In Authorize for, select the Jira instance hosted at * and click Accept.


    The Integration authorized message is displayed. Also, the Jira integration details section displays the Cloud ID and Instance name automatically, and Authorization in the left pane shows a tick mark indicating that authorization is complete for Jira Cloud. integration-authorized

    After authorizing Jira Cloud, configure the Jira project. For information, see configuring Jira project.

Authorizing Jira Server

  1. If your Jira instance is self-hosted, select the Jira Server OAuth option.


  2. Log in to Jira and go to Settings > Products.

  3. In Integrations, click Application Links.

    The Configure Application Links page is displayed on the right.

  4. Specify as the URL for creating a new link.


    The No Response was received.. error message is displayed.

  5. Provide the same URL and click Continue.


    The Link applications page is displayed.

  6. Specify the following details:
    • Application Name: Descriptive name for the integration.
    • Application Type: Select Generic Application.
    • Service Provider Name: Provide name as Bugcrowd.
    • Consumer Key: Use the same Consumer key you provided in Crowdcontrol integration.

    The following values are only used for an Outgoing Authentication flow, which is currently not leveraged. Hence, use the provided arbitrary values:

    • Shared Secret: Bugcrowd.
    • Refresh Token URL:
    • Access Token URL:
    • Authorize URL:

    Select the Create Incoming link option.


    Click Continue.

  7. Specify the following details:
    • Consumer Key: Use the same Consumer key you entered within the Crowdcontrol Jira Integration.
    • Consumer Name: Use a name for the integration, we recommend Crowdcontrol.
    • Public Key: Enter in the public key from the Crowdcontrol Jira integration.


  8. Click Continue. The Application Link is persisted within Jira.

  9. Go back to Crowdcontrol Jira integration page and click Authorize.


    The Integration updated message is displayed. After authorizing Jira Server, configure the Jira project. For information, see configuring Jira project.

Authorizing Jira Using Username and Password

  1. On the Jira Integration page, select the Username/Password option. username-password

  2. Specify the following:
    • Username: Your Jira user name.
    • Password: API token generated in Jira. For information about generating API tokens, see Jira documentation.


  3. Click Test authorization.


    The Jira authentication successful message is displayed. After authorizing Jira, configure the Jira project. For information, see configuring Jira project.