Viewing Welcome Center

The Welcome Center page provides information that helps you get started with Bugcrowd. It has the following section:

  • Introduction to Bugcrowd video
  • The Basics: Contains links to onboarding manual, FAQs, and tips and tricks.
  • Resources and Guides: Contains links to Bugcrowd difference video, daily user start up guide and program owner start up guide, navigation details, various roles and permissions, best practices to successfully build a crowdsourced security program, and how to create a bounty brief.
  • Your Bugcrowd team contacts: Assigned account team members such as Account Executive, Account Manager, Solutions Architect, and Executive Sponsor.
  • Latest webinars
  • Link to Bugcrowd Support

To view the Welcome Center page, after you log in to Crowdcontrol, click Welcome Center.


The Welcome Center page is displayed.


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