Customer Dashboard

The Dashboard is the first page that appears after you log in to the Bugcrowd platform.


You can quickly view the programs and do the following:

  • View programs based on the program type
  • View programs that are active, scheduled, pending, and so on
  • Hide or unhide programs (organization owner)
  • Start a new program
  • View submission summary for ongoing programs

Viewing Programs Based on Program Type

Use the All program types drop-down list to filter and view the programs based on the program type:

  • Bug Bounty
  • Classic Pen test
  • Payment only
  • Recon
  • VDP Essentials
  • VDP Pro

All program types drop-down list

Viewing Status for Programs

You can view programs that are active, scheduled, pending, in-progress, ended, and closed.

program status

Hiding or Unhiding Programs on Dashboard

Click Hide for the program that you want to hide. This option is visible only when you mover your cursor over the program card.

hide program

The Hide program pop-up window is displayed. Click Hide program.

hide program pop-up window

The program will be hidden from all dashboards of your organization users and the number of programs that are hidden is displayed as shown.


To unhide a program, click the hidden message as shown.


Click Unhide on the program card.


Starting a new program

Click Start a new program to start, purchase, or request a demo program.

start a new program

View Submission Summary for Ongoing Programs

You can view the number of submissions that are new, blocked, to review, and to be fixed for each program.

submission summary

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