Additional Fields

Additional fields can be added to the submission form details for internal use. Once added, the new field will be visible on all submissions across the specified program.

Attention: Internal Use Only: These fields will only be visible to you; researchers will not be able to view these fields.

Role Requirements-Adding Fields: Your role in the organization determines your level of activity on Crowdcontrol. Organization Owners and Program Administrators have permission to add fields to a submission.

Go to Settings and click Fields and settings. The Additional fields page is displayed.


Add, Edit or Remove an Additional Field

Add a Field

Type in the new field name in the Data fields. This label will be the title of your new field.


Click the + button to add the field.

Edit a Field

To edit a field, select the Edit icon located to the right of the field as seen in the image below.


The field will appear at the bottom of all submissions on the program as seen in the image below.


Remove a Field

To remove a field, select the X icon located to the right of the field.


A pop-up warning window will appear. This warning will identify the number of submissions that will be affected by removing the selected field.


The affected number will represent all submissions with text input into the details section of the selected field as seen in the image below.


Submissions with the details section left empty, as seen below, will not be counted as an affected submission however, the field will also be deleted from these submissions.


Caution: Submissions Affected: All text previously input into the details section of the selected field will be permanently deleted across all submissions once the field has been removed.

To confirm removing the selected field, select the blue Remove button.

Add or Edit an Additional Field’s Value on a Submission

To add or edit the details section on a submission, first, navigate to the Submissions page on the Crowdcontrol navbar as seen below.

Role Requirements for Adding or Editing an Additional Field: Your role in the organization determines your level of interaction with a submission. Organization Owners, Program Administrators, and Program Analyst have permission to add or edit field details on a submission.


Next, select a submission in the Submission Inbox located on the left. To find a specific submission use the Submission Search Bar or Submission Filters.


To add or edit details in a field, hover over the field. Then select the Edit icon to the right as seen below.


Type in the details and then select the blue Save button.

All added or edited details to fields will be logged on the activity feed below the submission details as seen below.


Search Submission by Additional Field Information

You can search for submissions using keywords found in the additional fields. To do this, use the Submission Search Bar located in the top left corner of the Submissions Page, as seen in the image below.


Attention: Submission Search Limitations: Searching for submissions by additional fields can only be done by searching for the contents of the field. Typing in the name of the additional field will result in an unsuccessful submission search.

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