Generating Industry Versus Organization Comparison Report

The Industry Versus Organization Comparison Report provides a comparison of your organization’s performance by benchmarking against a relevant industry. This helps your organization improve performance, identify methods of improving operational efficiency, and your company’s relative cost position against the industry.

You can view a snapshot of your organization’s health that includes your programs, submissions, and funds for a given time period.

The report provides the following information per quarter at the organization level:

  • Number of submissions
  • Priority of submissions
  • Unique researchers
  • Number of rewards
  • Number of accepted submissions
  • Number of fixed submissions

Only the Program Owner can generate this report.

To generate an industry versus organization comparison report:

  1. After logging into Crowdcontrol, click Reports menu.


    The Reports page is displayed.

  2. Click the Industry Comparison (Organization) tab and then click Create new report.

    Click Organization Insight tab and then click Create new report

  3. Specify the following information:

    • Report title: Provide a name for your report.
    • Organization name: Displays the organization name for which you want to generate the report. This is read-only.
    • Date range: Specify a data range for generating the report. You can also click any of the following to specify the date range:
      • All time: Include all programs.
      • Last quarter: Include programs in the last quarter.
      • Last month: Include programs in the last month.
      • Last week: Include programs in the last week.
    • Industry Tag: Provide the industry name.

    create org versus industry comparison report page

  4. Click Generate Report. You will receive an email to download the report.

    The generated report is displayed as a link on the Industry Comparison (Organization) tab. Click the link to view the report details.

    report link

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