Frequently Asked Questions

Question Answer
Project Name is not appearing on the Configuration page. Confirm that the Username has access to view and edit the project.
Bugcrowd issues are not pushed upstream. Check whether Field Mapping is configured correctly. If the problem persists, confirm that the Jira user has permissions to create issues.
Pushing to Jira Summary Field Jira has a default character limit of 255.
Unable to complete error Confirm that the Custom Field Mapping {key:value} value portion equals the text field.
Authentication Error - Unexpected end of JSON input. Make sure that the site URL is https:// or connecting to the root Jira URL
Import existing issues from Jira See known issues imports
Jira disconnects automatically due to an error Submit a support ticket via the Bugcrowd Support Portal, requesting Bugcrowd to enable the integration setting that will stop Jira from disconnecting when an error occurs.