Managing Credentials

Credentials are critical to gaining access to an application to enable further testing. With any program on Crowdcontrol, credentials can be allocated to researchers with our advanced credential management system.

Credential Allocation

The Credentials page displays all of the credentials that have been generated for applications in your Program.

To view the credentials that are available and currently in use, go to your program settings and view the Credential buckets tab.


As shown below, this program has three sets of buckets for different types of credentials. Crowdcontrol supports the following credential types:

  • Email
  • Text
  • Traffic Control

With each bucket one can see the assigned, available and archived credentials along with the allocation strategy per research.


Viewing credential assignment

When clicking into a credential bucket, one can see settings related to it, and which specific credentials have been assigned so far.


Credentials are distributed to researchers via the brief. As they click the below button, a set of credentials from each bucket is allocated.


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