Adding Members at the Organization Level

If you are an organization owner, you can add new members to your organization. To do this, click Team on the menu bar.

team menu

The Organization’s Team Members page is displayed.


Invite Team Member to Crowdcontrol

To invite a new team member to Crowdcontrol, click Invite a team member.


A pop-up invitation form will appear. Type the email address of the team member you want to invite to Crowdcontrol.


Select Invite this user as an owner if you want to assign the Organization Owner role.


Organization Owner vs. Organization Member: Organization Owners have access to all programs and submissions at an organization level. Organization Members have access to all submissions on programs they have been assigned to. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Last, if the member is chosen as an Organization Owner, click Send invite.

If you want to assign a program and a role, from the drop-down menu, select the appropriate role for each program the team member will be participating on. Then, click Send invite.


An invitation email will be sent, the new team member must accept the invitation.

Choosing Roles for Members: Members must be assigned the appropriate role on each program according to their program responsibilities. Any program that is not applicable to the member, keep the role set to No Permissions - this will explicitly restrict program access to this specific user. Learn more about roles and permissions.

API Keys: You can also view the API keys being used, expired, or inactive and revoke the tokens as required. For more information, see viewing API keys.

After the team member accepts the invitation, it no longer appears in the Invitations pending response list and it is displayed in the Current members list.

When trying to invite a user who has already been invited from the organization level, the following message is displayed.

message displayed when re-inviting team member at organization level

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