Secure Code Warrior

You can map Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT) to Secure Code Warrior training. Bugcrowd provides VRT Ruby Wrapper for handling VRT logic and query the VRT. It supports third-party links such as the Secure Code Warrior mappings. You can use the VRT-ruby wrapper with the Secure Code Warrior mapping file and obtain remediation training links based on the findings identified in a bug bounty or penetration test. It provides a standardised method to access secure coding exercises in various programming languages that helps to improve security training for developers.

The Secure Code Warrior logic is available as part of the VRT-ruby gem (maintained by Bugcrowd). The mapping is periodically updated together with the VRT.

To set up the Secure Code Warrior integration using VRT-ruby gem, see VRT Ruby wrapper. The Secure Code Warrior mapping file is available here.

If you have any questions, submit a support ticket through the Bugcrowd Support Portal.