Engagement Brief

The Engagement Brief provides you the ability to specify the purpose, scope, and details of an engagement to enable researchers to understand the requirements to participate and test.

Go to the Dashboard page and select any engagement from the Go to Security Program and Engagement drop-down.

From the list of engagements, click the engagement that you wish to access and then go to the Settings tab.


The Engagement brief page is displayed.

Building an Engagement Brief

In the Engagement brief section, specify the information for the fields provided.

Field Name Description
Name Descriptive name for the engagement.
Tagline Short sentence that concisely describes your company, product, or scope of the engagement.
Details Engagement details to enable researchers to understand the testing objectives and requirements needed to participate and test. To style your text, you can apply the Markdown syntax. For more information, see using markdown for formatting content.
Scope and rewards You can see the list of scope and targets that you have set for the engagement. You can also navigate to the Scope & Rewards page in the Security Program to further manage scope & rewards.
Additional information Here you can add any additional information.
Resources You can attach any useful files and images in this section.


Embedding Images

You can embed images in the Details or Additional information markdown fields or attach images for clarifying the engagement scope. To embed images, you can drag-and-drop the image into the field, or paste the images in the field.

For more information, see embedding images section in using markdown for formatting content.

You can attach other file formats to provide additional information about the engagement. For the details, see uploading additional files.

Safe Harbour Status

To indicate Safe Harbor terms for researchers, you can set and view the engagement’s Safe Harbor status within Crowdcontrol.

Researchers can view the engagement’s status and filter by those with a full and partial Safe Harbor to make sure they are working on engagements that provide them the legal measures they prefer.

For more information about safe harbor, see Disclose.io and Safe Harbor.


Configuring Collaborations

By enabling Collaborations, you allow researchers to share access to a submission as collaborators. Collaborators can view, comment, and upload files to a submission. Monetary and point rewards are split between collaborators. Allowing researchers to collaborate can lead to more in-depth testing and new submissions being discovered due to researchers combining their skillsets, positively impacting your engagement and improving your company’s security posture.


Selecting Industry

Select an industry that best matches your engagement. Some researchers prefer to work on technologies that are specific to certain industries. This also sets the industry icon that appears in the branding section.


Saving Engagement Brief Information

To save the information you have provided in the various sections, click Update brief.


The Engagement brief is updated and the researcher can view this information.