Engagement Overview

The Bugcrowd Platform employs a flexible and efficient approach to Security Program Management. This framework allows our customers to quickly set up and manage program resources, construct and launch engagements, and manage submissions and workflows.

To understand the Engagement structure, refer to the diagram below:

engagement overview

The Organization is the top-most layer for customer resource management comprising one or more Security Programs for configuring, performing, and measuring crowdsourced security testing. To learn more about the scope, purpose, and use of Bugcrowd Organizations and Security Programs, click here.

A Security Program is the container of target scope, submissions, and settings enabled by one or more Engagements of the same or differing types (e.g. Vulnerability Disclosure, Bug Bounty, Pen Test). The Engagement is an instance of purpose-based, crowd utilization where the majority of the configuration occurs at the Security Program and inherited by its Engagements.

This approach is designed to unlock flexibility and growth whereby Bugcrowd makes it easier for you to define and launch diverse Engagements that serve your evolving crowdsourced security needs. That is, to quickly set up and run Engagements that exploit the power of the crowd and drive faster outcomes.

When a Security Program Administrator wants to instantiate a new Engagement, they only need to:

  • Configure the Engagement brief and teaser
  • Configure policy-related settings (e.g. NDA, Disclosure)
  • Select the targets of the Engagement
  • Set hacker rewards or compensation