Engagement Health Dashboard

You can view an Engagement's health and progress from the Summary page.

Viewing the Engagement’s Health

To view the Summary page, select an Engagement from the Go to Security Program or Engagement drop-down.

select engagement

The Summary page is displayed and you can view the following attributes depending on the engagement type:

  • Bug Bounty
    • Testing period
    • Vulnerabilities rewarded
    • Average reward (last 3 months)
    • Validation time bug-bounty-summary
  • On-Demand
    • Testing period
    • Vulnerabilities accepted
    • Validation time
    • Reward pool on-demand-summary
  • Pen Test
    • Estimated testing period
    • Estimated report delivery
    • Methodology
    • Testing progress pen-test-summary
  • Vulnerability Disclosure
    • Submissions triaged
    • Testing period
    • Vulnerabilities accepted
    • Validation time vulnerability-disclosure-summary

You can view recent reports generated for the engagement in the Recent reports section. Click View all reports link to navigate to the Reports page and view all reports for that engagement.

recent reports