Managing Notifications

Notifications alert you when something occurs in a program that requires your attention. Crowdcontrol offers a tailor-made notification experience allowing you to customize when and where you’d like to be notified. Choose to get notifications when:

Updating General Activity Settings

You have the power to decide if and how you’d like to receive general activity notifications. General notification includes team notes, replies from researchers, submission state changes, and rewards paid out a researcher.

To adjust your general activity notification settings, go to your Notifications settings. Choose to receive general activity notifications in-app, both in-app and email, or not at all.


Updating Email Notification Settings

You can update your email notification settings to receive alerts when a submission changes to a specific status. To adjust your notification settings, go to your Notification settings and select the submission statuses you would like to be alerted about.


Updating Automated Subscription Settings

You can manage when you are automatically subscribed to a submission based upon a specific action. Choose to be automatically subscribed to a submission when:

  • You edit or comment.
  • You are @bugcrowd or assigned.
  • A submission is moved to a specific state.

To adjust your automated subscription settings, go to your Notifications settings. Select the particular settings that fit your needs.


Get Email Notification for Activity on Subscribed Submissions: In order to receive notifications on the submissions you are subscribed to, you need to enable the Activity on subscribed submissions option in the email notification settings.

Viewing Notifications

The Notifications page lists the submissions that have alerts for you to review. From the Notifications page, you can filter submissions, update your notification settings, unsubscribe from notifications, and mark your notifications as read.

To access the Notifications page, click the Notifications icon next to your avatar.


Each submissions has an alert that shows you how many notifications it has. All notifications are grouped per submission.


You can click on a submission to view it. After you view a submission, its notification will be removed from the Notifications page.


Filtering Notifications

You can apply filters to only show the notifications you want to see. Filters are available for unread notifications and programs.


Clearing Notifications

After you view a view the changes in the submission, the notification will be automatically cleared from the Notifications page.

If you don’t want to review any submissions, you can mark them all as read.


Once you refresh, the Notifications page will be empty.

Unsubscribing from Submissions from the Notifications Page

When there is activity on a submission that you’re subscribed to, you’ll receive a notification via email and in Tracker. If you no longer want to receive notifications for submissions, you can unsubscribe from them.

You can choose to unsubscribe from all the submissions that are in the inbox or unsubscribe from individual submissions.

To unsubscribe from a specific submission, click the star next to the submission.


To unsubscribe from all the submissions, click Unsubscribe All.


To resubscribe to a submission, you’ll need to do it from within the submission.

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