Managing Targets at Organization Level

Adding Targets At An Organization Level

Targets added to the Organization Target Directory are added at an Organization Level as a part of a customer’s Crowdcontrol target repository. The targets added to the Organization Target Directory may be used on any of the customer’s bounty programs run on Crowdcontrol.

An Organization Owner may add targets to Crowdcontrol by navigating to the Organization Settings page. To do this:

  1. Click on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner and click Target within the program.


    The Targets page is displayed.

  2. Click Add target.


    The Add a target dialog box is displayed.

  3. Specify the following:

    • Name: Select a pre-existing target or fill-in the name of the to be created target.
    • Tags(optional): Select tags to indicate the skills and technologies that will be helpful in testing this target.
    • URL / Location (optional): Provide the complete URL for researchers to access this target. It must be a valid example of an instance of this target such as a website, application, API, or the app store link to the mobile application. Bugcrowd’s servers will occasionally poll these targets to test connectivity and composition.
    • Category: Select the category that best fits your target.


  4. Click Add.

    The Target was created message is displayed and the new target is displayed on the Targets page.

    You can assign the targets listed on this page to any of your organization’s programs on Crowdcontrol.

    To delete and archive a target, click the red color icon. If the delete icon is in gray color, it indicates you cannot delete that target since it is an in-scope target, which is assigned to a program.


    The following message is displayed.

    When you delete a target at the organization level, then Program Owners will no longer be able to add this target to their programs. Any submissions associated with this target will continue to be accessible across the platform but researchers will no longer be able to submit reports against this target. This can only be undone under organization settings.

    Click Archive.


    The target no longer displays on the Targets page.

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