Generating Organization Level Periodic Submissions Report

You can generate the Periodic Submissions Report at the organization level.

The report provides the following information for each program within the organization:

  • Program start date
  • Cumulative number of submissions from start date to the selected month
  • Number of submissions during the selected month
  • Cumulative number of submissions from start date to the current date
  • Average number of days to triage the submissions for the selected month

If you are an organisation owner or a part of the organisation, you can create, view, or download Periodic Submissions Report.

To generate a Periodic Submissions Report:

  1. After logging into Crowdcontrol, click the Reports menu.


    The Reports page is displayed.

  2. Click the Periodic submissions report tab and then click Create new report.

    create periodic submissions report page

    The Create Periodic submissions report page is displayed.

  3. Specify the following information:

    • Report title: Provide a name for your report.
    • Organization name: Displays the organization name for which you want to generate the report. This is read-only.

    create periodic submissions report page

  4. Click Generate report. You will receive an email to download the report.

    The generated report is displayed as a link on the Periodic submissions report tab. Refresh the page to view the link.

  5. Click the link to view the report details.

    create periodic submissions report link

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