The Crowdcontrol Navbar

Use the Crowdcontrol Navbar to navigate the platform.

When you log in to Crowdcontrol, the following toolbar is displayed, where you can manage organization settings such as team members, accounts, organization details, and so on.

Crowdcontrol Navigation Bar After Logging In

The following table provides details of the functionality for each tab.

Call-out Name Description
1 Program List Displays the programs in your organization.
2 Dashboard Displays What’s New in Crowdcontrol platform, list of Tasks, and the Welcome Center.
3 Team View and manage team members and the associated roles.
4 Attack Surface View and manage the targets your organization wants to test. These targets can be assignable to any of your organization’s programs.
5 Accounting View and manage funds for the programs in your organization.
6 Settings Setup Single Sign-On (SSO) for the team, domain verification, and specify organization details.

When you select a program, the toolbar options changes to the following:

Crowdcontrol Navigation Bar After Selecting Program

The following table provides the functionality of each tab on this toolbar.

Call-out Name Description
1 Home Go back to the Home page at any time to view all of your programs.
2 Programs List Quickly navigate to or search for other programs.
3 Summary See the most recent activity in your program and your assigned submissions.
4 Submissions View and manage all submissions for the program.
5 Researchers View researchers who have submissions and are participating in the program.
6 Rewards View reward amounts and trends for the program.
7 Insights Build a report to better understand how well your program is doing.
8 Program Settings Create your bounty brief, set up integrations, set your program scope, manage your team, and import known issues.
9 Notifications View notifications for all programs.
10 Profile Settings Manage your account settings such as 2FA, notifications, and personal details.

Account Settings

From your avatar, you can access your account settings, which are grouped accordingly.

Account Settings

Your account settings allow you to manage anything that is specific to you and your personal account, such as your email, notifications, API credentials, and account security.


The notifications icon alerts you when something need your attention or when an action is taken on a vulnerability submission that you are involved. Clicking on the icon takes you to the Notifications page.


To manage your notification setting, see manage notifications.

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Program Management
Submission Management
Integration Management