Viewing Just For You Programs

The Just For You page displays programs based customized to your skills; whether earned through submissions on platform, connecting your linked profiles, and linked certificates.

You can browse the following categories, each with platform recommendations custom to your account:

  • Experts needed: Programs that require non-standard skills that match to you
  • Try something new: Program with skills that are new to your profile
  • GitHub Activity: Programs recommended based on your skills identified from your GitHub activity.

You must connect your GitHub account to get recommendations.

To view the programs in Just For You, go to the Discovery tab and then click Just For You.


The Just For You page is displayed.


Connecting Your GitHub Account

You can connect your GitHub account and receive program recommendations based on your experience. To do this:

  1. Click Go to Account Settings.


    The Profile page is displayed.

  2. In External profiles, click Connect an external profile.


    The Connect external profile pop-up window is displayed.

  3. Click Connect for GitHub.


    The Authorize Bugcrowd page is displayed.

  4. Click Authorize Bugcrowd.


    You will be redirected to After the external profile is connected, the External profile connected message is displayed and the Profile page displays the connected external account in the External profiles section.


  5. Click Update profile to save the settings.


    When you go back to the Just For You page, the From Your GitHub Activity section is displayed that shows programs based on your skills from GitHub activity.