Frequently Asked Questions-Payment Threshold

General Questions

Q: What if my submission pushes me over the threshold amount I set?

A: If you have a submission or submissions that push you over your chosen threshold, then the total accumulated amount is paid out.

For example: You set your threshold amount to $1,000. You have $500 accumulated and then receive a reward of $1,000. You now have accumulated a total of $1,500, which means you hit the threshold amount you set, and this triggers the total accumulated amount to be paid out in the next payment batch. The threshold amount then resets, and your payments start accumulating again.

Q: Can I set a threshold amount for more than $10,000?

A: The maximum threshold amount you can set is $10,000. However, if you receive a reward that causes you to go over the $10,000, then the total accumulated sum is paid out.

Q: I clicked “Schedule payment,” and now my accumulated total is $0, but I have not received my payment. Is this correct?

A: When you click “Schedule payment,” your accumulated amount in rewards will be scheduled for the next payment batch. You will get paid within 24 hours or sooner. The Accumulated amount is set to $0 to allow your rewards to start accumulating again to hit the threshold amount you have set.

Q: Why is my new reward not reflected in my accumulated total amount?

A: Your accumulated payments reflect the total amount of payments that can be scheduled for payment right away. New rewards are held for an 8-hour cancellation period. Once the 8 hours have expired, the payment can be scheduled for payout and will reflect in the accumulated payment total.

For more information about setting up payment threshold, see Setting Up Payment Frequency and Payment Threshold Amount.