Frequently Asked Questions-Incentive Programs

Resolved and unresolved submissions considered for the incentive programs

No, qualifying with resolved and unresolved submissions is only applicable for the Bounty Slayers program starting in Q3 2019. The P1 Warriors, MVP, and Hall of Fame programs consider all valid submissions.

Valid submissions that qualify for the incentive programs

For the P1 Warriors and MVP programs, submissions that qualify are those that have been accepted and are marked as resolved, unresolved, or informational. For the Bounty Slayers program, starting in Q3 2019, only resolved and unresolved submissions can qualify.

Changes to the Bounty Slayers program

The Bounty Slayers program has evolved over the quarters. In Q1 2019, the qualifying requirements were 10 valid submissions for the Standard reward, and 15 valid submissions for the Power Up reward. In Q2 2019, the qualifying requirements were 40 valid submissions for the Standard reward and 60 valid submissions for the Power Up reward. In Q3, the qualifying requirements are 30 resolved/unresolved submissions for the Standard reward, and 40 resolved/unresolved submissions for the Power Up reward.

Collaboration submissions count toward the incentive programs

Unfortunately, no. However, we are looking to count collaboration submissions toward the incentive programs in the near future.

Recognize researchers for submissions in the gap between researcher incentive programs (July 2018-Jan 2019)

Unfortunately, no. We will not be doing anything for that period of time. We realize that this is not ideal, but there was not an easy or great way to transition the MVP program from the previous qualification period to the new one.

Non-duplicate submissions applicable for the MVP program

3 non-duplicate submissions per quarter, which equals 12 non-duplicate submissions for the entire calendar year for 2019 (January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019).

Rewards for Bounty Slayer and Bounty Slayer Power Up Programs

That is up to you! The most you can make is $3,500 if you qualify all quarters in 2019 for the Power Up tier of rewards.

Disclose name in a program for private researcher profile

No, but we will list you as a Private User.

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