Submission blockers notify you if a user is blocked and requires an action or additional information from you to proceed.

Blockers flag submissions that require input from other users on Crowdcontrol. They are generally requests for information from Bugcrowd ASEs or customers who want to clarify any issues and unblock progress on a submission. For example, if the steps to reproduce an issue are incomplete or unclear, an ASE may ask you to provide additional details or context.

Blockers help ASEs or customers collect much-needed information and provide better visibility into the submission’s current state. Each time a blocker is created or resolved, the activity is logged in the submission’s activity feed.

View Blocker Alerts

To help you identify submissions that are blocked, an alert can be seen directly from your submissions page. The alert notifies you that the submission has been marked by a Bugcrowd ASE or customer as blocked and needs something from you.


On the submission, the blocker is displayed at the top as a page alert. The page alert includes a brief description and identifies who has blocked the submission. For example, “Waiting on the researcher to provide information” indicates that the ASE is waiting for a response.


Bugcrowd ASEs will provide further context of the blocker in a comment in the activity feed.


Search for Blockers

Generally, submissions that transition between the New and Triage states may require more information as they are being reviewed. Therefore, blockers will appear more often on submissions in these two states.

To easily find blockers, you can filter your submissions using the blocked-by. You can then filter by submissions blocked by anyone, customers, researchers, or Bugcrowd operations. You can also search for unblocked submissions.

For more information on filtering submissions, see filtering submissions.


Resolve Blockers

To resolve a blocker, you must provide the information in a comment on the submission, select the This comment resolves the blocker option, and then click Send message.


After you resolved the blocker, it will be updated on the activity feed and a green checkmark icon will indicate the blocker has been resolved.


If you have already replied with the requested information, and have forgotten to clear the blocker in the same action, please comment again, indicating you are doing so to clear the blocker.\n\nFailing to clear the blocker may delay an otherwise timely response to submission as the ASE or Program Owner may not click into the submission itself if they see that the Blocker is still in place.