Frequently Asked Questions-Payment Methods

General Questions

Q: Which reward payment methods does Bugcrowd offer?
A: Bugcrowd offers Bank Transfer and PayPal payment methods. Bitcoin is available for select programs.

Q: I have PayPal and Bank Transfer payment methods configured for my account. How do I know in which account I will receive the reward
A: Your selected payment methods will be used for your rewards.

Q: I do not see the payment in my Bugcrowd account. Can you track down the reward?
A: If your submission is rewarded, submit a support ticket through Bugcrowd Support Portal. Otherwise, wait until the submission is moved into the Unresolved state and has received a cash reward.

Q: Are there any taxes that I need to worry about when I receive rewards?
A: Bugcrowd covers any fees from our account to the payment provider, but any additional fees are not covered.

Q: Is it possible to trigger a refund?
A: No, it is not possible.

Q: What are the non-business days?
A: For information about non-business days, see Bugcrowd business days.

PayPal Specific Issues

Q: What happens if an error occurs while processing payments?
A: If an error occurs while Bugcrowd is processing payments, we will contact you with any error code received during the pay run. You have to work with PayPal directly to resolve the issue with your account because Bugcrowd does not have the authorization to contact them on your behalf. You must have your account information and provide a brief description of the issues.

PayPal payments can take up to 24 hours or more to process.

Bank Transfer Specific Questions

Q: What happens if I do not have a bank account to transfer to?
A: For assistance, submit a support ticket through the Bugcrowd Support Portal.

Q: How do I find my Foreign Tax ID Number?
A: You can find the list of international Foreign Tax Identifications Numbers here.

Payments directly from Bugcrowd to your actual Bank Account provides faster transfer timeline and lower conversion rates. Hence, it is recommended to link your Bank Account.

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