Researcher Collaboration

You can have shared access to a submission as collaborators, allowing all collaborators to view, comment, upload files to a submission, and split the monetary and point rewards.

To collaborate on a submission:

  1. Click Submit Report at the top of the bounty page.


  2. Specify the vulnerability information and add the researchers with whom you want to collaborate.

    You can look up other researchers based on their Bugcrowd usernames and add up to 10 collaborators for a single submission. Click on the red trash can to delete a collaborator.


    Collaborators and rewards are not adjustable after submitting: Once the submission is submitted, collaboration fields are frozen and cannot be edited. If there are issues, send an email to

    The reward can be split among all the collaborators based on percentage. The total percentage across all collaborators must equal 100%.


    An error message is displayed if the percentages do not add up to 100%.


  3. Once collaborators are added and the reward percentages are set, click Report Vulnerability.

    An email notification will be sent to all collaborators to notify them they have been invited to collaborate on a submission.


  4. In your collaborative submissions, you can view your rewards split based on the pre-determined


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