Engagement Status

Researchers can view the engagement status, and the date of last status changed on the engagement brief. Whenever Bugcrowd or a customer makes changes to the engagement status, the current status, reason for change, and date of change are displayed on the engagement brief. The changes are visible to the researchers who have access to that engagement.

Benefits of Engagement Status

Your ability to view the engagement’s actual status can have the following benefits:

  • The true state of an engagement brief is clear to you. For example, if an engagement status is changed to paused, you can see the engagement status in the engagement brief, and decide to test another engagement.

  • Access to the engagement brief is consistent when the engagement is in different states. When an engagement is paused, cancelling, or completed, your access to the engagement is retained. For example, if an engagement status is changed to completed, you can still access engagement brief in case you need to refer it for whatever reason.

  • Setting up and configuring your testing environment can be done before actual testing begins. For example, if an engagement is in launching state, Bugcrowd can make the engagement brief viewable to researchers (who have access to the engagement). This enables you to setup and configure your testing environment and credentials before the engagement testing period commences. If an engagement is in launching state, you will not be able to submit reports or complete a methodology.

Viewing the Engagement Status

You can view the engagement status on the engagement brief. To view the engagement status, select the engagement you wish to view from your task list or index. The engagement page displays the status in the top right corner, as shown below.

engagement status

The various engagement status visible to researchers are Launching, Launch paused, In progress, In progress-paused, Finalizing, Completed, Canceling, and Canceled.

When the status of an engagement is changed to launching, you will receive a message displaying the start date and time for the engagement.

launching status

When the status of an engagement is changed to In progress-paused, Launch paused, or Canceling, an optional message can be displayed explaining the reason for pausing or canceling the engagement.

in progress paused

In the above cases you can access all the details of the engagement brief, however you cannot submit any new submissions or complete the methodology.