Viewing and Accepting Invitations

Private Engagement Invitations

Access to Private engagements is by invitation only. This means a company wants or needs to restrict access to their engagement to a subset of researchers based on specific selection requirements. Overall, private engagements work similarly to public engagements. A key difference is that private engagements require you to be invited to participate. Usually private engagements grow over a period of time, add new scope, increase rewards, and remove restrictions to enable a larger number of researchers to participate.

If you are selected to participate in a private engagement at launch, Bugcrowd will send an invitation about 48 hours prior to the start of the engagement depending on the needs of the engagement. You will gain access to the engagement once it transitions to In progress status. When an engagement is able to increase the number of participants and if you are selected to participate, you will be able to begin testing immediately on the ongoing engagement.

Note: For some specific private engagements, you may receive an invitation to participate while the engagement status is Launching. This will allow you to review the engagement brief and provide additional time to setup and configure your test environment. You will not be able to submit vulnerabilities until the engagement is transitioned into the In progress status. For more information on engagement states and how they impact your testing, please see Engagement Status.

Qualifying for Invitations

Bugcrowd selectively invites researchers to private engagements using our CrowdMatch™ Machine Learning and Selection Algorithm which evaluates and scores hackers based on an engagement’s criteria, number of invitations available, and customer requirements.

While each engagement is unique and requires different sizes and types of crowds, general selection criteria for an invitation is based on:

  • Demonstrated Skill: Determined based on how well you meet the scope of the engagement based on prior submission content and outcomes in addition to your profile details.
  • Recent Submission Activity: Submitting quality, valid reports to engagements over the past 90 days.
  • All Time Performance: Overall researcher performance across all engagements.

Additionally, engagement requirements like geo restrictions, background checks, and identity verification can impact researcher selection.

The best way to be selected for the limited spots available to participate in private engagements is to maintain activity on the platform, expand your skillset, fill in your researcher profile and resume, and becoming ID verified.

Also, customers can send you a direct email invitation to participate in a private ongoing engagement. You will receive the email only if your email address is available in the Crowdcontrol platform.

Note: Standard qualifications for private engagements are subject to change.

Viewing Invitations

You can view an invitation from the email that you have received from Bugcrowd or by logging into your Researcher account.

Viewing Invitation From Email

To view an invitation from email, follow these steps:

  1. In the email, you have received from Bugcrowd, click View Invitation.


  2. You will be taken to the Engagement Teaser, which provides you more in-depth information about the engagement, reward ranges, and other important information.

    If you are not logged into your Bugcrowd Researcher account when you click on View Invitation, you will be directed to log in before you can view the Engagement Teaser.

  3. Once you have reviewed the information, click Accept invite to gain access to the Engagement and view the brief.


  4. Once you accept the invitation, then you will be able to view the Engagement Brief by clicking on View brief.


Viewing Invitation in Bugcrowd

To view the invitations in Bugcrowd, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Bugcrowd Researcher account and click on the Invites page. You will be taken to Pending invites.

  2. To view the Engagement Teaser to assess if you would like to participate in the Engagement, click the Review button.


  3. Review the Engagement Teaser and if you would like to participate, click on the Accept invite button located at the top and bottom of the teaser page.


  4. Next click on View brief to be taken to the Engagement Brief.


Note: You can review all your Pending, Accepted, Expired and rejected invites from the Invites page at any time .