Brief Header

The Engagement Brief Header will provide you with key information about the engagement, the ability to follow and rate the engagement, and submit vulnerabilities.

Here is a breakdown of the Engagement Brief Header information:

  1. Type of Engagement:

    • On-Demand Bug Bounty
    • Pen Test
    • Private Bug Bounty
    • Public Bug Bounty
    • Vulnerability Disclosure
  2. Engagement Title: Name of the engagement.
  3. Tagline: Description of the targets and purpose the engagement.
  4. Industry: The industry that best matches the engagement.
  5. Collaboration: Indicates if Collaborations are enabled for the engagement.
  6. Safe Harbor: The level of legal protection related to security research.
  7. Scope Rating: Bugcrowd calculates scope ratings based on the depth and breadth of in-scope targets.
  8. Testing Period: The duration of the testing period.
  9. Status: Engagement status and timestamp of when the status was applied to the engagement.
  10. Submit report: To submit a vulnerability to the engagement, click on the Submit report button.
  11. Rate the engagement: You can rate your experience on an engagement by clicking on the ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ icons.
  12. Follow the engagement: Click on the star icon to follow and get updates about the engagement.
  13. Share the engagement: If the engagement is public, you can share the engagement with other researchers.
  14. Hide engagement: If you wish you can hide the engagement from your view.


Note: For Pen Test engagements you will also see a Complete Methodology button displayed in the header.