Viewing Known Issues

Known issues provides you visibility into the types of vulnerabilities that have been reported by other researchers or the company is already aware of. You can review known issues for each target, which provides you with a better understanding of the areas and targets that have been well tested. This enables you to focus your time and effort on targets that might provide better opportunities for you to discover new vulnerabilities and get rewarded. Additionally, this level of insight helps you to reduce the likelihood of submitting a duplicate report.

Known issues are grouped by target and categorized by Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy (VRT) classification. Any vulnerabilities with a status of triaged, unresolved, or informational is counted as a known issue. You can drill down into the vulnerabilities based on their VRT classification.

Note: This feature is an optional tool customers can utilize for their engagements to share additional information with researchers on their brief. Not all engagements will provide this information to researchers. Therefore, you will only see Known Issues if the feature has been enabled for an engagement.

Engagement Brief View

You can find known issues insights on the Engagement Brief under the Targets and Known Issues sections.

Targets Section

Under the Targets section on the Details tab of the engagement brief, you will be able to view known issues by clicking on the Details icon located next to the number of known issues listed per target.


When you click the Details icon, a pop-up window will appear that provides a breakdown of known issues on a specific target by specific VRT categories. You can exit the modal by clicking on Close.


Known Issues Section

The Unknown Issues section on the Details tab of the engagement brief, will display the number of Unique P1 - P4 valid issues (Triaged, Unresolved, or Information submissions) and the Total number of findings on the engagement (Unique + Duplicate findings).


Note: You must be signed into the platform in order to be able to view Known Issues available on Public Engagements.