Adding Your Skills and Interests

The Bugcrowd platform utilizes information about you to provide better recommendations of programs through Crowdmatch. It utilizes data from your past submissions, behavior on the platform, and self-identified information such as skills and interests. The Skills and Interests section of your profile allows you to provide details about your skills and indicate your interests. Based on this information, the Bugcrowd platform can better recommend programs to you. You can also rate your skills as a researcher on a scale of one to five.

The rating scale details are:

  • 1-Beginner: You understand the basics, or you have started learning.
  • 2-Novice: You have context but need resources and guidelines.
  • 3-Competent: You have the necessary experience and knowledge.
  • 4-Proficient: You have strong experience and a deep understanding.
  • 5-Expert: You have outstanding knowledge and intuitively apply solutions.

To indicate your skills and interests:

  1. Go to Account settings and then click Skills and interests.


    The Skills and Interests page is displayed.

  2. To rate a skill, click the hexagon.


  3. To learn more about the subject, move the slider to the right.


  4. To indicate that you are interested, click Interested. If you are not interested, then click Not interested.