Engagements Page

The Engagements Page enables you to search engagement type, name, and related keywords. You can also apply filters, giving you more flexibility and precision to find the engagement you want to test on.

Search Capabilities

To search for an Engagement, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Researcher Dashboard and go to the Engagements page.

    At the top of the page, you can search by engagement type:

    • Bug Bounty
    • Vulnerability Disclosure
    • Pen Tests


  2. Once you have selected the engagement type, you can use the Search Bar or Filters to search for the engagement you are interested in.


    • The Search Bar allows you to use keyword or phrase searches providing more flexible search results.


    • You can apply Filters to your search by using the individual search filters located just below the Search Bar: Rewards, Scope, Target category, and Dates. Or you can select All Filters, which provides you with an expanded list of filter options.
      • To apply filters, click on the Apply button.
      • To clear filters, click on the Clear all button.


    Note: When you open the Engagements page, it will default to selecting Bug Bounty for engagement type.

  3. Once the Engagements populate based on your search and filter criteria, you can use the Grid or Table toggle to view the Engagements.
    • Grid View: grid-table-toggle

    • Table View: table-view-new

  4. Next, you can sort the Grid and Table views by:

    • First sort options that can be applied:
      • Promoted
      • Rewards
      • Scope rating
      • Start date
      • End date
    • Second sort options that can be applied:
      • Descending
      • Ascending


  5. At the bottom of the Engagements page, you can navigate between pages to view all engagements that populate based on your search and filter criteria.