Submission Page

The Submissions page provides a snapshot of the vulnerabilities you have reported.
You can view the current state of a submission, the number of comments, accepted submissions, the amount and points rewarded.


From this page, you can:

Finding a Specific Submission

Using the search bar on the page, you can select a pre-defined filter to find submissions based on their current status or you can build your own by specifying exact variables.


If you need information about the search operators, click Search Help.


Monitor Submission Activity

To view a submission’s details, click on the required submission. You will be able to view the history of all events logged for that submission, in the order in which they occurred, and comments you have added, the Bugcrowd team, or the Program Owner(s).


Activities tracked include:

  • Adjustments made to a submission’s priority
  • Changes to the submission status
  • Monetary and point rewards
  • Any comments made on the submission

Commenting on a Submission

Program owners and the Bugcrowd team use comments to communicate with you on your submissions. Generally, you will receive a comment on your submission if you must provide additional information in your report. This is required to complete the triage process.

When a submission receives a new comment or has a blocker, an e-mail notification is sent to you. You can click on the link in the e-mail or log into Bugcrowd to respond.

To respond to a comment, go to the submission, and add your comment in the text box as shown.


Click Send Message to send your response.


Submission blockers notify you if a user is blocked and requires an action or additional information from you to proceed. For more information, see blockers.

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