The Insights Dashboard

Crowdcontrol’s **Insights** dashboard is a customizable, comprehensive report of your bounty program. This dynamic report provides details about the submission trends, program performance, and bounty spend for a given period of time.

To view the Insights dashboard, click on the Insights tab.

Insights click on tab

Viewing Submissions Received

The Submissions Received section helps you to identify submissions that are currently in the Open state. It provides information about:

  • Submission trends based on technical severity and volume
  • Number of submissions received (excluding duplicate submissions) for a given period of time
  • Number of open and fixed vulnerabilities along with their status
  • Targets that are receiving submissions
  • Submission type and severity

The following image shows the submission trend based on severity.

Insights Submissions Received by Severity

Click Volume to view the submission trend based on the number of submissions received for a program.

Insights Submissions Received by Volume

The following image shows the number of submissions received, open and fixed vulnerabilities, target breakdown, submission type, and severity.

Insights dashboard

For more information about submission trends, see submission trends.

Viewing Performance

The Performance section provides information on how efficiently submissions are transitioning through the workflow.

Insights program performance

For more details about performance, see program performance.

Viewing Amount Paid to Researchers

The Spend section shows the amount (in dollars) paid to the researchers. For more details, see bounty spending.

Insights Amount Paid to Researchers

Filtering Insights

The Insights dashboard provides filters to customize your report. For more information, see insights filtering.

Insights Dashboard Filtering

Downloading PDF and Exporting Submission Data

You can download a PDF of the report based on the filters and/or export the submission data as a CSV file. For more information, see downloading report and exporting submission data.

Insights dashboard download PDF

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