Adding Members at the Program Level

If you are a program administrator, you can add members to your program. To add members to your program, go to Program Settings.


Then select the Manage Team tab.


Upon selecting the Manage Team tab, the Program Team Members page will appear as seen in the image below.


Invite Team Member to Crowdcontrol

To invite a new team member to Crowdcontrol, select the Invite A Team Member button on the right side of the Program Settings > Organization Team Members page.


An invitation form will appear as seen below.


Fill the Invitation Form

First, type the email address for the team member you want to invite to Crowdcontrol.


Continue filling out the form by using the drop-down arrow to assign the new member the appropriate role - Administrator, Analyst, or Viewer.

Choosing Roles for Members: Members should be given the appropriate role on according to their program responsibilities. Learn more about roles and permissions.

Finish by selecting the Invite button. An invitation email will be sent, the new team member will now have to accept the invitation.

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