Adding Members at the Program Level

If you are a program administrator, you can add members to your program.

To add members to your program:

  1. Go to the Settings menu for a program.


  2. Select the Manage team tab.


    The Manage team page is displayed.

  3. To invite a new team member for a program, select Invite a team member.


    The invitation form is displayed as shown.


  4. Specify the following:

    • Email address - Provide email address of the team member you want to invite.
    • Select Role - Assign the appropriate role for the team member. The options are Admin, Analyst, or Viewer.


    Choosing Roles for Members: Members must be assigned the appropriate role based on their program responsibilities. For more information about roles, see roles and permissions.

  5. Click Invite. An email invitation is sent to the team member and the team member must accept the invitation.

    Also, the Pending invitations response section shows the status of the invite sent to the user.

    pending invitation response

When trying to invite a user who has already been invited from the program level, the following message is displayed.

message displayed when re-inviting team member at program level

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