The Researchers Page

The Researchers Page provides data that you can use to obtain an insight into the submissions that have been submitted for your program. You can view the following:

  • Total number of researchers who were invited for the program
  • Total number of researchers who submitted submissions for the program
  • Total number of submissions
  • Total number of valid submissions
  • Participating researchers

For each researcher, you can view the following:

  • Researcher name
  • Priority percentile
  • Number of valid submissions
  • Total number of submissions
  • Date when the researcher last submitted the submissions
  • Compliance requirements status - When researcher has signed the NDA, the status is Signed Documents. After Bugcrowd has approved the NDA, the status changes to Signed Documents with a green mark.

Customer Compliance Requirements

Similarly, if the researcher has enabled two-factor authentication as part of compliance requirement for a program, you can view the same in the program > Settings > Manage Team tab.

Customer 2FA Enabled

To view the priority percentile for a researcher, hover on the pentagon icon to display a graph of the priority percentiles in relation to other researchers. For more information about priority percentile, see priority percentile section in researcher profile.

Program Researcher's Page

Click the researcher name to view the researcher profile. For more information about researcher profile, see researcher profile.

Researcher profile

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