Waitlisted Application Guide

When applying to Waitlisted Programs, the more information you provide on your application, the higher your likelihood of being added to a program. Below we have a set of examples that can help guide you when applying.

Question 1 # Security Background Summary

Tell us what work you have been doing within the InfoSec community


  • Currently a second year student studying computer science. Been working as a whitehat hacker for last 2 years.
  • Developed an open source application leveraging X language and Y API, viewable at github.com/name/repository

Question 2 # Education & Certifications

Tell us about any courses or learnings you had relating to the programs needs


  • OSCP Certification
  • Masters in Cryptography from University of Z

Question 3 # Security Research, Published Disclosures, & CVEs

Tell us about any published findings or research you’ve done within the InfoSec Community


  • Discovered and reported a flaw related to Y with this CVE
  • Blog Post around X type of vulnerability

Tell us about any CTFs or challenges you’ve finished


  • Share a link to an existing CTF on CTFtime.org
  • Team won (1st, 3rd, 10th) place at CTF against X number of teams

Question 5 # Previous Relevant Employment in the industry specified for the program

Tell us about work you’ve contributed to the InfoSec industry


  • 1 Year working on a red team for X Company, in X capacity which gave me experience with (Insert testing/vulnerabilities) you think will be prevalent against the target types.
  • 2+ Years experience with BugBounty hunting