The Submissions Page

The Submissions page is where you spend most of your time in Crowdcontrol. It is where you go to view, manage, and interact with all open and closed submissions in a Security Program.

From the Submissions page, you can perform the following tasks:

submission page

Role Requirements for Viewing and Managing Submissions: Your role in the organization determines your level of interaction with a submission.

Submission Inbox

The Submissions Inbox lists all submissions on the left hand side of the screen. You can click on any submission to view its details.

submissions list

The submissions filter lets you narrow the list of submissions down based on a set of criteria. To learn how to build a filter query, see filtering submissions.

filtering submissions

Submission Details and Activity Stream

The Submission details and Activity stream displays the information for the submission you have selected. You can review the Submission details to learn what the bug is and how the researcher discovered it. Below Submission details, the Activity feed includes messages and historical events for the submission.


Read more about the Submission details and Activity stream.

Submission Settings

The Submission settings displays all of the tasks that you can perform for a submission, which includes the following tasks:


Add Reward

You can reward a researcher at any point in the submission process. However, it is recommended that you reward researchers when you change a submission status from “Triaged” to “Unresolved”. At this point, you have indicated internally that the submission is valid and needs to be fixed, which means that the researcher’s job of finding the vulnerability is done and they should be rewarded for their work.


Submission Revisions

The Revisions tab shows you the changes between the original and the edited content of a submission.