Note: If you are a researcher and need Support assistance, please raise a support ticket through the Bugcrowd Support portal. For more information, see Support.

When you are in need, we have a few different channels to reach out to for all concerns and inquiries.

For any issues with researchers on your program, send an email to For more information, see reporting an incident

For inquiries related to payment to Bugcrowd, send an email to

All requests for support should be sent through our Bugcrowd Support ticketing portal. Some of the benefits of using our self-service ticketing portal are:

  • 24x7 visibility and status of your submitted tickets for easy tracking and management.
  • Easily respond and add new information to your tickets.
  • Close tickets that you no longer need assistance with

To raise a support request, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click the SIGN UP WITH US option to sign up. We recommend using the same name (or username) and email address as your Bugcrowd account.

    sign up with us

  3. Enter the account details and click Register.

    account details

    Once you click Register, Bugcrowd Support sends an activation link to the registered account.

  4. Go to your registered account and create password to Activate Your Account.

    You can now login to the registered account.

  5. Click the New Support Ticket link.

    new support ticket

  6. On the Submit a ticket form fill all the details and click Submit to send any queries to Bugcrowd Support.