Managing Submission Severity

A submission priority identifies the importance of a submission in relation to other submissions. You can set a priority to communicate to your team the severity of the issue uncovered in the submission and establish how urgently the issue needs to be resolved.

Crowdcontrol offers five priority levels that you can assign to submissions:

  • P1 Critical: The issue identified in the submission has the highest priority and should be assigned to major blockers. Typically, submissions with a P1 priority cause the application to be unusable and requires immediate attention.
  • P2 Severe: This issue identified in the submission is not critical but significantly impacts the application.
  • P3 Moderate: The submission does not present a critical or severe issue, but does uncover a flaw in the application that needs to be fixed.
  • P4 Low: This submission is the lowest priority and represents a minor issue.
  • P5 Informational: This submission is an informational finding and accepted as a non-rewardable submission.

Opt-In Program - P5 Informational Findings: P5 Informational submissions will automatically be transitioned to a ‘Won’t Fix’ status unless you opt-in to have specified findings triaged into your accepted submission workflow. For more information, see opt-in program - P5 informational.

Need help prioritizing your vulnerabilities: Take a look at our VRT (Vulnerability Rating Taxonomy) document which outlines Bugcrowd’s baseline priority rating utilizing data from past programs.

Go to the Submission Details

Go to the Submissions page. From the Submissions Inbox, select the submission you want to assign a priority level.


Set the Priority for a Submission

Click the Priority dropdown and choose the priority you want to assign the submission.


The priority for the submission immediately updates. Every member who subscribes to the submission receives a notification that the priority has changed.