Insights Filtering

The Insights dashboard provides the ability to customize your report with an extensive filter system. This filtering system allows to create a custom report based on the requirement.

For example, you can generate a customized report using the following tokenized search functionality:

  • Show submissions during the last month
  • With technical severity as critical or severe
  • Either broken authentication and session management or insecure data storage on *

Default Filters: After loading the page, default to exclude imported and duplicate submissions, adjustable using the tokenized search functionality.

Insights Dashboard Filtering

For information about the filter keys and syntax, see filtering submissions.

Persisting Filters to Submission Page

To avoid resetting the filters entered in the tokenized search bar, you can persist the queries from the Insights page to the Submissions page. To do this, click the View submission details link as shown. The Submissions page is displayed based on the same filters.

Insights Dashboard Filtering

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