Viewing Priority Percentile Metrics in Submissions

You can view a researcher’s priority percentile metric for a submission. This metric is used to qualify researchers for private program invitations. Each percentile is a comparison of a researcher’s submission volume to all other researchers over a specific period of time; the higher the percentile, the more submissions the researcher has for that priority level compared to others.

To view the priority percentile, in a submission, hover over the pentagon icon. The all time percentile icon is available in two locations as shown.


When you hover over the pentagon icon, a bar graph will appear displaying the researcher’s priority percentile that includes the following:

  • All five priority levels, displayed as different colors: P1, P2, P3, P4, and P5
  • Displays the percentile level in relation to all researchers. The size of the bar and the percentile value indicates the percentile level.

Percentiles are based on all the valid submissions: Won’t Fix, Duplicate, Unresolved, and Resolved.


The following image shows the different colors displayed for different priority levels.