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Researcher Collaboration

Posted by Barnett Klane 28 days ago

To ensure success in finding priority vulnerabilities, security researchers often leverage the learnings of others through write-ups, blogs, podcasts and more. At the same time, researchers are beginn...

Public Program Credential Support and Improved Target Management

Posted by Barnett Klane 2 months ago

Program onboarding is a key component to program success. We recently released a Crowdcontrol feature that streamlines credential management for easier researcher onboarding and workflow. Customers r...

Safe Harbor

Posted by Barnett Klane 2 months ago

Security research requires explicit permission to begin testing, but even with that, the lack of clear legal scope can put hackers, companies and consumers at risk. Now with our safe harbor tracking i...

Image Embeds

Posted by Barnett Klane 3 months ago

When writing vulnerability reports and submissions, it is vital to be as clear and detailed as possible to help streamline triage, validation, and acceptance. The markdown fields allowed for rich text...

Retesting Update

Posted by Barnett Klane 3 months ago

Identifying critical vulnerabilities is only the first step to reducing risk. Once development patches a submitted vulnerability via their crowdsourced program, someone needs to verify the patch is ef...

Payoneer Update

Posted by Richard Yang 3 months ago

Hackers can now delete their connected Payoneer account within Payment Methods.

Program Search Launched

Posted by Barnett Klane 3 months ago

Hackers are always looking for their next target to dig into. Now with our new program search, this is more flexible and easier than ever before. With new advanced text search and filtering, researche...

Integration Updates

Posted by Barnett Klane 3 months ago

We have continued maturing and growing our SDLC integrations to enable easy and secure ticket management between crowdcontrol and whatever system your organization leverages. With this release we have...

Updating to VRT 1.7

Posted by Barnett Klane 4 months ago

We recently released VRT v1.7, with a platform integration planned for the week of March 25th. The release includes but is not limited to the below updates, learn more here...

GitHub Integration

Posted by Barnett Klane 4 months ago

Rapid and reliable handoff between Security and Development is crucial for consistent vulnerability patching. Bugcrowd's new GitHub integration makes it easier to create and contextualize every reques...