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Self-Service Program Initiation Now Available

Posted by Randy Young a day ago

Existing customers can now initiate programs through the self-service program creation workflow via the ‘+Start now’ button on the program dashboard at https://tracker.bugcrowd.com/programs. The curre...


Customer On-call Person

Posted by Barnett Klane 4 days ago

The partnership between Bugcrowd's Triage Team and our customers requires collaboration and quick response to help cut down the time it takes to triage and accept vulnerabilities. Last year we made it...


Slack Integration Notification for Blockers

Posted by Barnett Klane 23 days ago

Whether accepting, paying unblocking, or resolving submissions there is a lot to do in CrowdControl. While we help you get the work done in platform, often one needs to be told there is work to do. We...


CrowdStream and Coordinated Disclosure

Posted by Mythri Sathyan 3 months ago

CrowdStream is Bugcrowd's public activity feed and displays the activities for unresolved, resolved, or coordinated disclosed submissions depending on the configured level of visibility for a program....


IBM Resilient Integration

Posted by Mythri Sathyan 4 months ago

IBM Resilient integration is added that allows you to synchronize accepted submissions in Bugcrowd to your IBM Resilient platform. You can also create a new IBM Resilient incidence with vulnerability ...


Program Announcements

Posted by Barnett Klane 5 months ago

Customers can now communicate directly with researchers and let them know the updates related to their program. Announcements keep your subscribed researchers informed of the latest updates to your pl...


Filtering Customer Blockers

Posted by Richard Yang 7 months ago

We created a straightforward approach for Customers to identify submissions blocked on the Program Owners needing to be acted upon. The state signifies Bugcrowd's ASEs or Researchers are waiting for a...


Customer Blockers

Posted by Barnett Klane 7 months ago

To further expedite our customer's ability to get the crucial information needed to action a finding, we are providing them the ability to set blockers on Bugcrowd's ASEs and Researchers, flagging the...



Posted by Barnett Klane 8 months ago

At Bugcrowd, we're in the business of sourcing the best researchers for a program’s needs, taking into consideration the researcher's skills and trusted qualifications to ensure they can deliver. To e...

Public Program Credential Support and Improved Target Management

Posted by Barnett Klane 10 months ago

Program onboarding is a key component to program success. We recently released a Crowdcontrol feature that streamlines credential management for easier researcher onboarding and workflow. Customers r...