New API with flexible versioning

The initial version of Bugcrowd’s new v4 API is now generally available! This API follows the JSON API spec which allows for navigating resources with ease and shaping the desired response. The v4 API also implements a more flexible date-based versioning. This means that once released, versions will remain stable and modifications are made to subsequent versions. Users may upgrade at will, offering complete control on API upgrades.


To switch from the existing default v3 API to the new v4 API you must use the Accept header. Within the v4 API, versions are managed with a date-based naming scheme and can be tried out via the Bugcrowd-Version header. An individual token can also be pinned to a version that will be used when the Bugcrowd-Version header is not supplied. Pinned versions will not be allowed to be downgraded so be sure to test the version using the header before updating the pinned version for the token.


The API documentation is defined via the OpenAPI specification and will be versioned along with the v4 date-based versioning scheme. We have recently updated our documentation with a new format which better displays the query parameters available within the fields and filters parameters as well as pagination with the page parameter. Soon we will be adding more code examples and use cases for workflows enabled with the new API.