Program Announcements

Customers can now communicate directly with researchers and let them know the updates related to their program. Announcements keep your subscribed researchers informed of the latest updates to your platform’s features, program scope, and incentives, while providing new researchers looking for new work, a peek into opportunities for testing. When published, the announcement is posted to subscribed researcher’s emails and within the program brief for those that have access.

With this new self-service capability, we wanted to be sure to provide you with insight from our experience of sending over two thousand announcements over the past two and a half years, thus you have access to provided a variety of templates based on the reason selected for the announcement. These templates render markdown to provide table breakdowns of new scope, links directly to the target, along with a reply-to and link to email Bugcrowd Support for any further help.

Go to your Program Settings, then click on the Announcement tab to let the crowd know about your latest updates to test.