New API version released 2024-01-11

Add network to target category attribute values

We have added a new category network for targets. You can now also use the network value in the target_type filter on the /submissions endpoint. In previous versions network is not allowed as a filter, and submissions with network target_types will be returned with other as the attribute for target category.

Add actor submission activity

We have added the as an allowed parameter on the submission endpoint Now you can include the activity actor, in the include parameter

This will return the identity information:

"id": "fac0bc9e-137c-4463-aac9-940df81054b1",
"type": "identity",
"attributes": {
    "name": "user",
    "email": "",
    "staff": true

Notes: The email will be visible only if the actor is a tracker user The name will be hidden if the user set the profile to private