Achievement Badges

Competing among the crowd is commonplace; whether it’s who has gotten the most findings or who has provided the highest impact, researchers want to share their achievements and see how they stack up. In the past, there have been one-dimensional leaderboards based on points of findings but as researchers are completing more types of engagements we are looking to enable you to track your growth and see how you’re doing compared to others in more ways.

With our recent launch of Achievement Badges, you can now track your progress across each set of badges! And that’s not all, to add to our P1 Warrior badge we added new sets of badges you can compete on:

  • Bounty Bee for valid submissions across programs
  • Collaboration Crusader for working with unique groups of collaborators
  • Submission Shogun for valid submissions across Bugcrowd

As you meet the criteria for each tier, you receive a badge on your public profile to show off your status on the platform. We’re looking forward to helping you climb the Badge Leaderboards!