Researchers > Engagement states

Engagement state enhancements are now available for Pen Test engagements. The improvements include:

  • The engagement status and the date and time of the last status change are displayed on the engagement brief.

  • Bugcrowd can provide an optional message displayed on the engagement brief for researchers when an engagement status is changed to Launching paused, In-progress paused, or Cancelling. The message is intended to explain why the engagement has been placed in that specific state.

  • Researchers will retain access to the engagement brief in a Launching paused, In-progress paused, Cancelling, and Completed state to maintain the context of completed or ongoing testing. However, actions like completing a methodology and creating a submission will be disabled.

  • At the discretion of Bugcrowd, engagements can be made visible to researchers while in a Launching state. However, actions like completing the methodology and creating a submission will remain disabled in this state.