Improved data fidelity and organization with Target Group

Understanding an engagement’s scope is critical for the success of a program for any researcher looking to test it. At the center of that conversation is the brief, with the best programs providing details around documentation, architecture, and focal points within targets giving great footing to anyone looking to start testing.

That’s why we are updating targets to provide a detailed understanding while making the brief page easier to read. This release impacts both Program Owners and Researchers including improved target management, target markdown-supported descriptions, technology tags, and URLs, giving Program Owners more tools to craft their brief.

new scope section of brief

  • Better describe Targets with their new technology attributes and get Researchers there faster with a cleaner URL experience

  • Detail a set of targets via Target Group descriptions

  • Define a reward range per set of targets with recommendations presented when rewarding

  • Improved
  • Documented days of operation relative to triage and researcher payments