Customer On-call Person

The partnership between Bugcrowd’s Triage Team and our customers requires collaboration and quick response to help cut down the time it takes to triage and accept vulnerabilities. Last year we made it easier for customers to reach out to the Triage Team by easily mentioning @bugcrowd within comments. This has simplified customer workflows of identifying the right person at Bugcrowd while improving our Triage Team’s ability to respond to such. Now we’re excited to launch @customer mentions, giving customers the ability to manage who we reach out to for triage related discussions. The field gives you full control by allowing multiple email addresses to be set, enabling support for PagerDuty, OpsGenie, VictorOps and any other alerting and incident management software that supports email intake. Once filled it, our Triage Team will leverage @customer going forward on your program.

Go to your program, then Settings > Manage Teams and in @customer, you can configure the email addresses.