API Headers

Accept Header

The accept header is required. Use either of the following to make requests to the latest date-based version of the API:

Accept: application/json
# or
Accept: application/vnd.bugcrowd+json

Bugcrowd-Version Header

Within the API, a date-based naming scheme (2020-10-31) is used, which can be managed on the API token here. To test a newer version before changing the pinned version in settings, use the Bugcrowd-Version header:

Bugcrowd-Version: 2020-10-31

Content Types

The Bugcrowd API always returns the following Content-Type header.

Content-Type: application/json

Additional Media Headers

Each response from the API will contain a custom Bugcrowd header specifying the type of media returned in the response body:

X-Bugcrowd-Media-Type: bugcrowd.v4; format=json

Each response will contain a custom header specifying the Bugcrowd-Version being used:

X-Bugcrowd-Version: 2020-10-31