API Headers

Accept Header

The accept header is used to select between Bugcrowd APIs (v3 and v4). The default API is currently v3. To use our new and improved v4 API use:

Accept: application/vnd.bugcrowd.v4+json

Other accept headers used

The current default version (v3) will be used for either of the following two accept headers:

Accept: application/json
# or
Accept: application/vnd.bugcrowd+json

Alternatively, the following header will specify the API as v3 (this will be required to stay on v3 when it is no longer the default):

Accept: application/vnd.bugcrowd.v3+json

or opt into the new v4 API as mentioned above with:

Accept: application/vnd.bugcrowd.v4+json

Bugcrowd-Version Header

Within the v4 API we use a date-based naming scheme (2020-10-31) that can be pinned to the access token here. To test out a newer version before changing the pinned version in settings, use the Bugcrowd-Version header:

Bugcrowd-Version: 2020-10-31

Content Types

The Bugcrowd API always returns the following Content-Type header.

Content-Type: application/json

Additional Media Headers

Each response from the API will contain a custom Bugcrowd header specifying the type of media returned in the response body:

X-Bugcrowd-Media-Type: bugcrowd.v4; format=json

Each v4 response will contain a custom header specifying the Bugcrowd-Version being used:

X-Bugcrowd-Version: 2020-10-31