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Easily push submissions to ServiceNow

Critical to resolving a vulnerability is the handoff to one's engineering team. Easily integrate with ServiceNow to start off remediation processes.

Must be Authenticated

To push/view an issue in ServiceNow, you'll need to be authenticated since we will not be collecting any authentication permissions.

Setting Up a ServiceNow Integration

Setting up a ServiceNow integration is simple. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Go to program settings

First, navigate to your Program Settings and select the Integrations tab.

NOTE: Program Specific Integration

The ServiceNow integration is set up in the program's settings and is specified to send notifications for activities in that chosen program. There are no limitations to the number of projects that can be set up with the ServiceNow integration.

2. Navigate to the ServiceNow Integration Settings

Next, select the Add Integration button for ServiceNow.

3. Add ServiceNow Integration

Once on the ServiceNow integration page, setup your first project with the "Add ServiceNow Integration" button.

4. Configuration

Upon selecting the Add ServiceNow Integration button, you will be brought to a form so we can setup the needed details to enable pushing issues to ServiceNow.

5. Push to ServiceNow

Once you have the integration setup and enabled, you can go to any submission and "Push to ServiceNow"

Clicking the link opens a modal providing a link to open the corresponding issue in ServiceNow. Click that.

6. Open Issue in ServiceNow

The Submission contents are filled within the Incident form, enabling you to further edit it before submitting.

7. Saving the ID Mapping

Once the Issue is saved, grab the Number from the Issue page and go back to Crowdcontrol where we will save it.

Fill in the ID number within the modal form, saving it within Crowdcontrol.

This makes it easy to access the ServiceNow Incident within Crowdcontrol for further updates.


Easily push submissions to ServiceNow

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