Signing NDA for Private, Joinable, or Waitlisted Programs

As a means to further secure customers findings they may require signature of legal documents in order to participate in their program. After receiving an invitation/joining one will still need to sign the document prior to seeing the brief and being able to submit. We identify programs with this requirement on their teaser like shown below.


After you have accepted the invite, joined a program, or your application is approved, if the program requires you to sign an NDA, then the Compliance required section is displayed.


To sign the NDA for a program:

  1. In the Compliance required message, click Sign.


  2. Click I agree to use electronic records and signatures and then click CONTINUE.


  3. Read through the document or click START.


  4. When you reach the end of the document, click Sign.


    The Adopt Your Signature window is displayed.

  5. Provide your Full Name and Initials, and select a style for your signature.


  6. Click ADOPT AND SIGN.


    The signature is applied to the document. When you hover on the signature, the Required Signature Applied message is displayed.


  7. Click FINISH.


    The Signed document message is displayed.


  8. After Bugcrowd approves, you will receive an e-mail notification.


    You can now view the program details and submit a report.


    In case your signature is not valid, then you will receive the Re-sign notification. Resign the document. After Bugcrowd approves, you can continue to participate in the program.

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